Amazon Alone May Not Be Enough For E-Commerce!

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Amazon is the largest e-commerce company you can see worldwide because more than 300 million customers choose Amazon. 

This means that you can reach more customers than you can imagine through Amazon while doing e-commerce. Many new sellers prefer Amazon for its ease of use and the possibilities it offers.

Why Is It Necessary To Sell Outside Of Amazon?

Amazon has its downsides too, and it’s essential to know them. Of course, some problems arise here, as in all areas of life. Amazon’s policies can be very challenging for sellers at times. Possible problems you will encounter are as follows.

  • When you have a problem with any customer, if Amazon sees the customer right, your account may be suspended.
  • If you break one of Amazon’s rules, you may lose the right to sell.
  • Amazon can lose your money when your customer does not want to pay for the return shipping.
  • Amazon is a platform with a lot of competition. There may be many vendors selling the same product much cheaper.
  • Amazon may be selling the same product itself, and it will likely be selling at a more affordable price than you.

All these reasons we have listed are enough not to trust Amazon alone. Consider all the possibilities and do not invest in one place!

Even if you do not encounter such problems, you should also sell outside of Amazon because this means more customers and more sales. Although Amazon is a very effective e-commerce company, we would like to remind you that you are not your only chance. Do you know how to find these sales sites?

First, Look For The Solution For Yourself And Create A Sales Site!

Creating your platform to sell more is a very logical choice. You can create your showcase in areas such as Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, Gumroad, and WordPress. These sites allow you to make dozens of adjustments to your showcase, so you can customize your page as you wish.

 It is possible to increase your sales with a page that will look nice to your customers. On such platforms, everything will be entirely in your hands, which means you are in control. If you have problems with sales, these platforms do not help.

Do not underestimate the power of social media and start using it for your business right away! Using Google AdWords and organic search engine optimization (SEO) is also a choice, and many companies have succeeded in this way. The only thing you need to do is to attract customers to your page and make them permanent!

Remember that you should not use identical posts on every site! Diversity will always bring you more customers. By producing content that complies with SEO rules, you can ensure that your products rank higher in search engines.

It does not matter what platform you are on because we, as, are with you. You can be sure that we will always provide the best support for areas such as receiving, inventory, fulfillment, and shipping. You can make your customers permanent thanks to fast delivery and safe packaging.

There Are Other Sales Platforms Besides Amazon!

There are other e-commerce platforms available to make your sales. The most common of these are eBay, Rakuten, Alibaba, and Walmart. Selling on different platforms will bring you, different customers. Experts’ advice is to sell on at least five different platforms!

Do Not Just Focus On Online Sales!

Retail sales are still effective. It may seem impossible to sell your products in huge stores initially, but we recommend that you start somewhere. As a 3PL company, we can give you more support than you can imagine. not only moves your products from one place to another but also allows you to control your inventory.

You may need an EDI system to work with retailers. If you work with an excellent 3PL company, remember that you will be able to contact more retailers over time and earn more!

Diversity Always Brings You More Customers!

You can be a very successful seller on Amazon, but this does not guarantee that your business will not deteriorate one day. Therefore, it will be very logical for your business to invest in different areas. As you diversify your sales areas, more customers will contact you and always be in control.

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