FBM & SFP Fulfillment

We fulfill for all marketplaces!

Some eCommerce sellers are looking for alternatives as Amazon FBA has stringent rules and is expensive to make high profits. Alternatively, it makes sense to use a 3PL company like ShipHack. As ShipHack, we both store, pack and deliver your products to your customers.

In the Amazon FBM method, you lose Prime advantages, but that is not that much of a problem anymore because we are as fast as Amazon Prime. We fulfill the same day you get your orders and deliver in 2 days to any address.

Using 3PL In Amazon FBM

In the Amazon FBM method, we do the order fulfillment process independent from Amazon. This means you don’t have to follow the strict Amazon FBA guidelines. At the same time, Amazon FBM is much more affordable than Amazon FBA.

When you adopt the FBM method, you can prepare and send the orders yourself, but you will encounter some problems.

  • As your company grows, the number of orders will increase, which means you should have a vast warehouse.
  • As the number of orders increases, you will need more employees because otherwise orders may be delayed.
  • Your fees will increase for packaging materials and shipping as well.
  • Hard work brings more mistakes, and as a result, orders may go to the wrong addresses or even disappear.

ShipHack will not give you these problems thanks to its experience and technology used.

  1. It doesn’t matter how much inventory you have because ShipHack has large enough spaces to store them all.
  2. You don’t need to hire more employees and grapple with taxes; you’ll have grown your team with us. As a company, the number of orders is not a problem for us because we are a flexible and scalable company.
  3. We pack and ship hundreds of orders every day. Therefore, the price we pay for packaging products is much less. Moreover, we get discounts from shipping companies and reflect this on your costs. Let’s add this too; we work with the best carrier companies.
  4. Thanks to our expert team, we make no mistakes, and the products are delivered to your customers within two days. We give our customers a 2-day-delivery guarantee.

We follow the whole process from storage to shipping and work diligently to avoid any mistakes. The technology used is also very important and the softwares we use are products of years of experience.

Our Other Services In The Amazon FBM Process

  • When you work with Amazon Prime, everything is regular and specific, but ShipHack is a much more flexible company. We have said that we will ship at least as fast as Prime at more affordable prices. You will see our other services below.
  • Thanks to our advanced technology, we work by integrating our system with the systems you use. In this way, you can keep track of your inventory and orders simultaneously.
  • Selling with Amazon isn’t your only option when working with ShipHack. We can also take over your fulfillment work for other e-commerce platforms.
  • Thanks to our software, we see the orders instantly and start preparing the orders the same day. We guarantee a 2-day-delivery in the US and always keep this promise.
  • When you work with Amazon Prime, you can only use their packaging. When working with ShipHack, you can use the packaging you want, and your brand will become much more visible to your customers. We are able to use your custom packaging.
  • If you wish, we can handle the returns for you. We have a very open policy regarding returns. We can work on these returned products for you or send them directly to you as they are. You can instantly see the products that are not suitable for use on our system.

Our Amazon FBM Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy is evident and straightforward. As a professional company in its field, we determine your company’s needs and prepare a package accordingly. Our company does not charge very high fees for different warehouse areas. At the same time, you will always know the amount you will pay per unit.

Since we know which product will be sent with which carrier company most appropriately, we save you from additional costs. By working with ShipHack, you can also benefit from the most favorable freight rates, which is the most expensive logistics process.

Our Greatest Service Is Customer Satisfaction

Your biggest goal in e-commerce is to satisfy your customers and make them loyal. In doing so, you must have a solid logistics system. ShipHack will give you what you need at this point.

  • We deliver in 2 days, precisely as customers expect.
  • The packaging is always determined according to the products and done without error.
  • When customers want to return a product for any reason, we respond as quickly as possible.
  • All of these allow you to win customers who are always smiling and prefer you.

ShipHack, as a third-party logistics firm, can be with you when selling on Amazon. While keeping up with the competition, we ensure that you benefit from affordable prices.

We can be your great business partner and help you growth strongly.