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Returns are constantly occurring while doing e-commerce. As a company, you must have a good return policy. Customers want the return procedure to be clear and do not want to have problems. If a customer makes the return easily, they will be more likely to buy from you again.

ShipHack can support your company with its flexible and open structure regarding returns. To be successful in e-commerce, you need to make sure you have a solid return service.

Our Return Service

As a developed or developing company, you do not need to make your returns on your own. Even if you want it, it is a challenging and time-consuming thing to do. ShipHack works very devotedly in this service, as in all other services. We have adopted a flexible return service so that our customers do not have any difficulties.

We want to start by saying that we are carrying out the return process very quickly. Our software can be integrated with your system. Our technology is advanced and allows us to do everything quickly. When customers want speed in everything, it is very critical that returns are processed quickly.

ShipHack can immediately see when a return is requested. In this way, we act immediately and speed up the process. We have a large enough staff to handle all your returns, and they are all experts in their field. So how are the returns handled?

  1. The return management process begins when a customer wants to return a product that was bought incorrectly, disliked, or found damaged.
  2. We see this immediately in our system and take delivery of the product.
  3. The first option is to replace the product for you and put the required product back on the shelf. We record all returned products back to our system.
  4. The second option is to send the product directly to you. Sometimes customers may request that a specific product be sent directly to them. We make this possible thanks to our flexible service.
  5. A third option is to destroy an unusable product. You do not deal with this process at all; we do it for you.
  6. You can also request the donation of the product. Especially products such as shoes and clothes are frequently donated.

Are you curious about the outcome of all this? Customer satisfaction is achieved without any hassle. We make the process smooth and fast, so your customers are satisfied with you. So what if you want to accept returns on your own?

  • You may not be able to see the returned product due to your intensity. Failure to return can be extremely annoying to your customers.
  • The return process may be delayed. For example, it may take time to change the product to another product.
  • You may send the wrong product. Hard work can have such consequences.

Well, do you wonder the result of all this? Unsatisfied customers who will never buy from you again. Such problems do not happen when you work with ShipHack because we only do logistics work.

We use the software in order to be experts in this field and to make things fast. We also have other features that speed up the return process. A decent storage system allows us to change products quickly. We can quickly find the necessary products on the shelves, and the size of the inventory doesn’t matter.

Our Other Services

As an expert 3PL company, we provide a very high-quality service in logistics. You can see a small summary of our services below. You can find more detailed information on the services page of our website.

Advanced warehouses and storage system: Regardless of your inventory’s size, we have enough space to store it. Our warehouses are located in central areas and are insured against disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fire. We add each of your products to our system and maintain it properly.

Proper packaging: Proper packaging of the products is crucial in terms of shipping costs and customer satisfaction. As an experienced 3PL company, we pack all products following their category. If you wish, you can pack with the packaging of your choice.

Fast delivery: ShipHack can deliver as fast as Amazon Prime. We work with the best shipping companies. When a product is purchased, we see and prepare it directly. Our warehouses are located in central areas, and all these give us speed.

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You can contact us for fast return processes, more information, and quality service. When doing e-commerce, it is essential to get support from a specialist 3PL company.

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