Amazon FBA Fulfillment

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We’re here with our Amazon FBA fulfillment services. Amazon is an e-commerce site with stringent rules, and we prepare your products according to Amazon’s rules.

As ShipHack, our services have dozens of advantages for our clients. Let’s briefly list our services; quality assurance checks, FNSKU labeling, bundling and kitting, poly-bagging, boxing, shrink wrapping, and more. Products are packaged by our expert team and shipped to the Amazon warehouses.

Amazon is a great place to do e-commerce, and all sellers know this. Using Amazon FBA is also a practical solution, but Amazon FBA is not as flexible as a 3PL company. Your products must be ready for shipment while waiting at the logistics center, or Amazon may consider your products incompatible. This is where ShipHack comes into play.

ShipHack guarantees success for small and large businesses. What do we mean by preparing your products for Amazon FBA?

  • Unloading containers
  • Quality check
  • Labeling products
  • Bundling and kitting
  • Poly-bagging
  • Packaging
  • Box labeling
  • Other requirements clients need

Your inventory is always ready to be shipped with us and aligned with Amazon FBA rules! You must follow the rules to benefit Amazon’s FBA services, and if you do not, your inventory may not be accepted. Occasionally, there are even charges for noncompliances. However, ShipHack prepares your inventory from start to finish as required for Amazon FBA, and shipments are made smoothly and on time.

What Does The FBA Prep Cover?

ShipHack knows both Amazon Sellers and Amazon Vendors because we constantly do preciseness business with both groups. We work for both preparation and shipping. So how do the Amazon FBA fulfillment services work?

  1. First, you send us your inventory.
  2. We complete the preparation process regardless of the size of the job. We can accept any size inventory you want. Our warehouses are large enough to accept a large number of products.
  3. If you are only selling with Amazon, we can send the inventory to Amazon warehouses after preparing all the inventory by Amazon FBA rules. However, if you are selling through other channels, we can keep some of them in our warehouses and send them directly to your customers as well.
  4. Products can be repackaged before they are sent to Amazon warehouses.

ShipHack is highly experienced in Amazon FBA fulfillment services and knows the process very well. Thanks to our field experiences, we can prepare and send your orders as quickly as possible.

Products Can Be Shipped Directly To Amazon Without The Prep Process

We can send your products to Amazon warehouses without preparing them if requested. In this process, we check and make sure that the products are suitable for Amazon FBA fulfillment.

Labeling Services

Customers are divided into two when it comes to tagging, and we would like to remind you that ShipHack is an expert on both.

As a customer, you may be using only Amazon-specified carton and shipping labels. Or you may need other labels in addition to cardboard and shipping labels. In both cases, we enter the Amazon system and do the necessary tagging for you.

What Is Our Pricing For FBA Prep?

ShipHack strives to be highly fair when pricing. We give a price per unit and save you from the fees you see below;

  • No setup fees
  • No long-term storage fees
  • No hidden or tricky penalties or fees
  • No minimum order volume requirements
  • No long-term contracts

Our pricing policy is also very straightforward. Our storage fees are affordable. If you make your research and ask from our competitors, you will see that we are much more affordable.

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At ShipHack, we make sure that everything is simple and in favor of the customer. We give you a guarantee of all the services we have mentioned. By working with us, you can avoid the risks you see below.

  • Amazon will not reject your inventory because we prepare it properly.
  • Even if you do not want the preparation process, we check that the dimensions are suitable and prevent you from getting fines from Amazon.
  • We save you a great time and cost.

Amazon FBA fulfillment services are not taken seriously by many sellers, and that’s precisely why you need to work with professionals. You can continue your professional business life by getting help from a professional firm like ShipHack.

We can be your great business partner and help you growth strongly.