Warehouse for Storage

6000+ Containers in 20 Ports

Storage is something we do for all our customers with no space limits. As businesses grow, they need more space. However, renting a warehouse can be much more costly than you think. Moreover, you do not have a margin of flexibility against sudden growth. ShipHack is here for all your storage needs.

Storage Service

We have highly advanced technology in storage service. We accompany your company with state-of-the-art software. Our system can be easily integrated with your systems. Let’s take a closer look at our storage service.

  • ShipHack has three large warehouses in the US, and they are all located close by the ports. Our warehouses are also close to the central facilities of the big carriers. This ensures that orders reach all points quickly. Since we have three warehouses, you have the chance to store as much inventory as you want. In times of sudden growth, we can store a more extensive than the average number of products.
  • We add all your products to our storage system. You can view your inventory online at any time. Moreover, if you wish, we can also do reporting for you on a weekly basis.
  • We have a professional team in our warehouse. Your products are stored most accurately. We store the products as they should be. All products are categorized and stored accordingly.

Benefits Of Our Storage Service

You can choose to store your products by renting a warehouse, but you will encounter some problems. We have listed these problems below.

  • Renting a warehouse will often be very costly. You need to have really good financials.
  • Renting a warehouse does not solve your entire problem. You will need official and trained employees to work in your warehouse.
  • As your company develops, you will need to hire a new warehouse and hire new workers. This can cost you dearly. So, you may not calculate the right size you will need.
  • You will only have one building to store your products. You will have to do all the things manually. You will need softwares and professionals to handle everything from the scratch.

So what benefits does ShipHack offer to you?

  1. By working with us, you are not only renting a warehouse but also an extensive team. You will not have to deal with any labor or taxes.
  2. You may need to store more products from time to time. We can store as much inventory as you want at affordable prices.
  3. Our warehouses have an intelligent system so that you can control your inventory. You won’t be bothered with manual works.
  4. Your products will not be damaged or lost, as our team is a complete professional.
  5. You will automatically have a warehouse in a central location.
  6. Our warehouses are insured against disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fire. In this way, your products are safe with us.

Your Achievements

There are many benefits to working with ShipHack. Our most significant benefit is that you will never run out of stocks. Since you can control inventory whenever you want, you can see and control your stocks in advance. Never running out of stock will bring you more customer and customer satisfaction.

Your products will not be lost or damaged unnecessarily. Simply inform us of products that need to be stored privately. We can store your products as you wish. As a result of all this, you will get rid of extra costs.

Our Other Services

We do everything in terms of logistics, not just storage. As a quality 3PL company, the benefits we will offer you are more than you anticipated. We are sure you will want to leave the whole logistics process to us.

As a company, we guarantee fast delivery as much as Amazon Prime. We work with the best shipping companies and, thanks to our experience, we know which shipping services work better for you. Moreover, we know which product will be sent with the lowest cost. By working with us, you can take advantage of discounted shipping and freight charges.

Packaging is something that needs to be done by experts, and that’s how we do it. Our staff packs hundreds of orders every day. If you wish, we can pack your products with the unique/custom packaging you choose or provide. You can be sure that we will make packages that your customers will always be satisfied with.

We can even handle your returns for you. We are very assertive in this regard with different return policies. We can make your returns as you wish.

You can learn detailed information about our other services from our services page of our website.

Our Price Policy

We have taken care to be extremely clear and understandable about pricing. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge exorbitant prices for extra storage space. Moreover, our prices are much more affordable than renting a warehouse. As we said before, you can track your inventory with software, and we do not charge additional fees for this.

We can be your great business partner and help you growth strongly.