3PL Vs. Carrier Services: Which One Should You Choose?

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You may be looking for a solution in the field of logistics for your e-commerce company. You can send your products directly, but this takes a lot of time. You can work with Amazon FBA, deal directly with carriers, work with a 3PL company, or do business with freight brokers.

With so many options, customers cannot decide which one to choose. Everyone is looking for and wants the best solution. Moreover, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You have to make a decision based on your needs and what you expect by doing research. Today we will look at whether it is better to work with a 3PL company or Carrier Services.

What Is 3PL?

You may not have any idea about 3PL as you are still in the decision-making phase. 3PL is used as an acronym for third-party logistics. They do all of the logistics services for you, and these services include storage, packaging, and shipping. All of this gives you extra time to take care of other jobs.

At Shiphack.co, we offer our customers affordable and complete solution packages in logistics. You can focus on your business without worrying about packaging, storage, and shipping.

What Exactly Do Carrier Services Do?

Carrier Services is directly referred to companies that transport products. They deliver your product for you to your customers all over the world. These companies have assets such as cargo vehicles and facilities.

Which One To Choose ?: 3PL Vs. Carrier Services

It is not correct to give a straightforward answer to this question because the answer depends on your needs. Even what kind of workplace you have and the number of potential customers can be substantial. In our article, we will explain the positive and negative sides of both.

As 3PL companies and Shiphack.co, we provide holistic solutions to help your e-commerce companies come to better places. 

What Benefits Can 3PL Companies Bring To You?

3PL companies can give maximum benefit in many issues. It offers highly effective solutions for most e-commerce companies. Let’s take a look at the benefits of 3PL companies in detail.

  • They can be highly cost-effective: Working with an excellent 3PL company will help you financially. You can even get extra discounts without dealing with processes such as storage, packaging, and shipping.
  • Their systems are straightforward and valuable: 3PL companies will be much more helpful to you as they follow the process from start to finish. You don’t have to deal with different companies for different subjects. You get a one-stop solution for issues such as storage, packaging, and shipping. Instead of wasting your time on these jobs, you can spend your company growing and developing. This can save you extra customers and market space.
  • Long-term agreements bring long-term relationships: 3PL companies know your company very well, as they work with you for a long time and support many issues. They can offer you suggestions where necessary and anticipate potential problems. An excellent 3PL firm can predict even sales changes in seasonal changes. Shiphack.co is precisely such a company, and it takes a lot of attention to customer relations.
  • Highly experts in logistics: 3PL companies specialize in logistics and solve the problems that will arise, as they have only worked in this field for years.

3PL Companies Also Have Downsides

You may think that 3PL companies have some problems during the installation phase. It will be costly at first, and the adjustment process will be challenging. It may also take some time for it to establish permanent and robust relationships with your company.

Positive Features Of Carrier Services

Since the carrier services are the company that carries the product, you can sometimes find the opportunity to have transportation at affordable prices.

3PL companies also work with carrier services and can get discounts on top of a specific order. These discounts reflect positively on you financially.

Opposing Sides Of Carrier Services

When working with Carrier Services, you will need to research to find the most convenient shipping. This, unfortunately, costs you time and can be tiring. Simultaneously, these companies cannot offer you a holistic solution because they only transport you when you deliver the product. Storage and packaging are still in your hands.

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