2-Day-Guaranteed Shipping

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As every e-commerce owners know, now customers expect a 2-day delivery guarantee. When customers encounter an opposite situation, they do not shop from the same store again.

Especially the fact that Amazon Prime makes deliveries in 2 days has made this standard. Since ShipHack knows this very well, using all its expertise and experience, it provides a 2-day delivery guarantee.

We Make 2-Day Guaranteed Deliveries With Fixed Pricing!

Many companies charge extra fees for extra services. Our company, on the other hand, makes 2-day guaranteed deliveries at fixed rate prices. Delivery in 2 days has become our standard as well as for customers!

You get the same offer on Amazon Prime, but you pay much higher prices. Moreover, contracting with Amazon Prime will allow you to sell only from there. In our system, it doesn’t matter which platform you sell from! We can deliver to the region of the country you want in 2 days.

How Do We Deliver In 2 Days?

You may have seen many companies that guarantee 2-day delivery, but most of them cannot do this. ShipHack offers this guarantee because we can deliver in 2 days. After all, you can see below!

  • Our warehouses are located in central locations, so we do not have any distribution problems.
  • We have an automated system, and as soon as the customer makes a purchase, we start preparing the order.
  • We know which product can be delivered in the fastest way and in which ways.
  • We work with the best cargo companies.
  • We have the necessary staff and technology to grow the products.
  • In the period when your orders increase, we have a company that can be scaled accordingly.

Delivery In 2 Days Brings Customer Satisfaction

As the delivery in 2 days satisfies the customers, it gives you regular customers. Moreover, as your customer satisfaction increases, you gain new customers. It is possible to grow your company with ShipHack’s 2-day delivery guarantee.

Giving the logistics process to people who are not experts in their field can have the opposite results. You may want to handle the fulfillment process on your own, but this will be very difficult as time goes on.

  • The higher the number of orders, the more shipping costs and more errors.
  • You may have to expand your team constantly.
  • Your growth process may be jeopardized because you cannot spare time for your company.
  • Storage space will be a problem in itself.

ShipHack is the definitive solution for all of these because we are with you from storage to shipping.

Our Services Other Than Delivery In 2 Days

Delivery is only the last stage of the logistics process. Still, apart from that, there are other advantages we provide you.

First of all, ShipHack stores your products in very safe, centrally located warehouses: Our warehouses are insured, and your products are protected against disasters such as fire, earthquake, and flood. Another thing that gets us up to speed is our superior storage form.

We categorize products and store them as they should. In this way, when a product is purchased, we find it immediately from the shelves and prepare it.

We make your brand more visible by packaging your products with the packaging you want.

The first way to gain regular customers who know you over time is the packaging. If you wish, we can help you in this regard.

Our expert team does not make packaging that will cause you to pay more shipping costs, and customers will not encounter inadequately packaged and damaged products.

Yes, we deliver orders very quickly, but we also do this at affordable prices.

ShipHack is among the leading 3PL companies and delivers thousands of orders every day. In this way, we can get discounts when you go above a particular order from cargo companies.

These discounts are also positively reflected in your bill. Moreover, as a company, we know which cargo will be the most appropriate to send the products.

Thanks to our advanced software, you can control inventory and orders.

You will constantly keep track of what is happening, and your inventory will never run out. Moreover, if you wish, we can provide you a report.

This software is also straightforward to integrate with your systems, so we immediately decide when a purchase is made.

There is another significant issue for e-commerce; Returns.

Returns are not always made because the product is terrible. The customer may want to return an item that was ordered incorrectly and would like to deal with it quickly.

We can support you with our returns management service. We can make the refund for you or send the product to you. Our policy on returns is flexible, and we leave it to you.