Fulfillment For Chinese Companies Wishing To Sell In The USA

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China alone emerges as a very assertive country in mass production. Recently, Chinese companies want to sell in the United States, but there are some problems. It is very costly and laborious to pack and ship the products individually. For this reason, companies started looking for Fulfillment companies, but they do not know exactly which company to choose.

As Shiphack.co, we are here to tell you that we are the right choice! We provide support to our Chinese customers who want to do e-commerce with our package offers. In our article, you will see why you should choose us.

When Orders Arrive Is An Important Question: Minimize This Time With Shiphack.Co!

Shipping times are an essential factor for customers to choose the same company again. It takes a long time to send a product produced in China to the USA, but you can have a warehouse in the USA with Shiphack.co. Having your warehouse here automatically shortens order times.

Customers want their cargo to arrive very quickly because Amazon Prime mostly delivers products within two days. An American customer accustomed to these periods may not prefer the same company again when receives cargo for a more extended period. Shiphack.co works with quality shipping companies such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS to make your customers happy.

Your customers may sometimes have problems with their cargo. In such cases, all they need to do is contact us because we make the necessary changes. Solving problems quickly will bring you, regular customers.

Our Shipping And Storage Fees Will Save You Money!

We store your products in America at very affordable prices and provide shipping. In addition to gaining more profits by getting regular customers, you will also save on storage and shipping costs. Shiphack. co prepares very suitable packages for Chinese customers who want to do e-commerce.

With the profit from fulfillment services, you can invest in your company and grow more and more day by day!

You Will Constantly Gain New Customers While Getting Permanent Customers!

When your customers see that shipping times are too short, they will immediately start to think positively about you. Lower cost shipping is another advantage of this system and makes the customer happy. All of this will positively impact your company, so you can reach more buyers and grow.

As Shiphack.co, We Know Your Customer Base Well!

The only advantage of this system is not to provide you with low-cost cargo and storage services. Thanks to our experience, we know your potential customer base well, and we can give you information on this subject.

As you are just starting in the US, you may need more marketing strategies and Shiphack. co can be there for you. We can provide you with an efficient introduction to e-commerce with appropriate marketing materials and packaging recommendations. We realized that customers in America prefer adequate packaging and want to see them constantly. With us, you can create custom shipping boxes and be successful in first impressions.

You can focus on your products instead of wasting time with marketing materials because we will be with you for suitable designs! We can make your customers permanent by preparing promotions and mails to be sent with the products.

We are More Than Just Software: Build Good Relationships With Us!

Most companies only offer software to their customers. We do more than that, and we assign a representative to take care of you. This representative will know all the details about your company and can answer your questions. If you have a problem, the representative will always be there to solve it. Thanks to this representative, you can improve your e-commerce strategies.

Shiphack. co is a mutually profitable company that builds long-term relationships with its customers. With the packages we have prepared for you, we can work and grow together for many years. You don’t need to worry about anything! You get the source, and we’ll do the packing and shipping for you.

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